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Artificial Fall Greenery

Find an extraordinary selection of artificial fall foliage and greenery at Silks Are Forever. Our wide assortment of fake thorn vines, leaves and stem picks gives you limitless options for decorating your home, business or office space. You can use artificial autumn foliage as an individual decoration or to build a gorgeous mixed centerpiece. Check out our full catalog of fake fall foliage below!

Ways to Decorate with Artificial Fall Foliage

Decorating for fall is a fun way to bring color and light into your home or workspace as the days get shorter. And when you use artificial autumn foliage, you don't have to worry about upkeep like pruning and watering! Here are some great ways to spruce up your space with fake fall foliage:

Mantelpiece: If you have a fireplace in your home, placing fake thorn vines and other

fall silk flowers
and greenery on its mantle will enhance its cozy charm.

Centerpiece: Make your dining room table beautiful in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving with a fake fall foliage centerpiece — before the turkey steals the show!

Product Displays: If you want to update displays in your retail space to match the season, artificial fall foliage is the perfect way to do it.

Reception Areas: Bring some autumnal beauty into the lobby of your office by decorating the reception desk with fake thorn vines or other foliage.

Porches & Patios: Make a display in your enclosed porch or patio without having to add the chore of plant maintenance to your list.

Artificial Fall Foliage: Is it Really Made of Silk?

"Silk" is a term used in the
artificial plant and flower industry to describe the synthetic materials (like nylon, polyester and rubber) used to make our products. Real silk was used hundreds of years ago, and it still is today, to some extent. For the most part, however, the synthetic materials we mentioned are the best way to capture the beauty of flowers and plants in as much lifelike detail as possible.

Caring for Artificial Autumn Foliage

Maintaining your fake fall foliage is easy because, unlike real plants, it doesn't actually require maintenance at all! You won't have to prune or water your fake thorn vines and greenery — just place them and enjoy. We do recommend that our products be kept in enclosed spaces where they won't be exposed to rain and snow, and that they stay out of direct sunlight since UV rays can fade their vibrant colors over time. If these simple needs are met, artificial fall foliage can be cherished for a lifetime!