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Tropical Plants

Add exotic beauty to your home decor with our silk tropical plants. You'll be dreaming of swaying in your hammock instead of worrying about caring for your plants because products like our exquisite artificial palm trees and tropical silk flower arrangements are maintenance free and will never wilt or wither. Every day is paradise when you add a touch of the islands to your home or patio with tropical silk plants.

Luxurious Luau Inspiration Using Artificial Tropical Plants

Transport your guests to the tropics using lush foliage and flowers to create an exotic atmosphere. Here are some easy tips to capture the captivating beauty and aloha spirit of the islands at your next soirée:

Line the center of the tables with an overlapping row of

individual loose leaves
, flowers or a garland.


tropical arrangements

to add a pop of color throughout the room.

Elevate your balloon garland by adding

tropical artificial plant greenery
and blooms between the balloons.

Separate seating areas or create cozy nooks by grouping silk tropical plants as a natural room divider screen.

Decorate the cake with gorgeous tropical silk plants or enhance serving platters with flowers.

Create a show-stopping photo backdrop by attaching

dramatic palm leaves
to a wooden dowel with some twine.

Flower crowns or

add a festive touch to any outfit.

FAQs for Silk Tropical Plants

Do you have questions about your new silk tropical plant? We can help. Here are some answers to common questions about tropical artificial plants.

How Do I Care for Tropical Silk Plants?

The best feature of artificial flowers is that they are practically maintenance-free! You can enjoy your artificial tropical plants for years to come without worrying about watering them. To keep your tropical silk plants looking beautiful and bright, keep them away from prolonged direct sunlight and give them a light dusting from time to time.

Are These Silk Tropical Plants Really Made From Silk?

Our products are generally made of plastic and other synthetic materials. The term "silk" is a holdover from the days when genuine silk was used to craft fake flowers. The artificial tropical plants in our inventory are some of the most realistic you'll find.

Can Tropical Silk Plants Be Put Outdoors?

Although silk tropical plants CAN be used as outdoor decoration, it is not advised to hang or leave the flowers, trees and plants in direct sunlight for any significant amount of time. This includes direct sunlight coming in through an indoor window. Most of our artificial tropical plants are made out of materials that will eventually fade like any other fabric when left out in the sun. Please note; however, that they will last longer if put in the shade or on a porch where direct sunlight isn't a problem. Heavy rain and wind may also knock the fronds out of trunks or the materials may absorb rainwater causing items to look wilted and/or fall over.

We do stock many tropical artificial plants designed for exterior use.