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Ball Topiary

Graceful ball topiaries from Silks Are Forever provide instant elegance to your home. Bring the outdoors inside with loose, potted, tree-style, braided trunk and even stone faux topiary balls. Browse our massive selection of artificial topiary balls to find the perfect addition to your decor.

Decorating Tips for Artificial Ball Topiaries

Ball topiaries from Silks Are Forever can transform any space from ho hum to opulent in minutes, without any tedious upkeep or maintenance. Each faux topiary ball packs a whole lot of style into its small size. The following are some simple ways you can use them to transform your abode:

Hang faux topiary balls from the ceiling inside your house or on your porch for an unexpected and whimsical touch.

Add holiday cheer without a bulky tree by adding twinkle lights and

festive berries
as accents to your artificial topiary ball.

Pile multiple faux topiary balls in a basket for a classy fuss-free centerpiece or to liven up the space throughout your home.

Petite ball topiaries dress up the mantle, especially when incorporated with
faux garland and
silk plants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faux Topiary Balls

You likely have questions about artificial topiary balls. Here are answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions from customers like you.

Can I Put My Faux Topiary Balls Outside?

We do sell artificial topiary balls that are created specifically to be displayed outside. An outdoor topiary can be used outside year-round without the risk of being eaten by pesky wildlife. To know if a faux topiary ball is safe for outdoor use, look for these terms in the product description:

Outdoor and/or Water Resistant: Won't absorb water, but will fade with exposure to direct sunlight.

UV-Resistant: Resists fading for a minimum of one year.

UV-Proof: Will resist fading for a minimum of five years, and can stand up to wind, rain, ice and snow.

How Do I Care for My Artificial Topiary Balls?

Ball topiaries may have lots of nooks and crannies, but are surprisingly easy to clean. Just dust your faux topiary balls the same way you dust your home or office. If needed, most topiary balls can also be wiped with a damp cloth.

Several times a year you'll want to do a more thorough cleaning. After dusting, test one of the leaves — remove one leaf from an inconspicuous portion of your faux topiary ball, rinse it with tap water, then shake off the excess water. After a few minutes, check the leaf to see if it's clean and the shine has returned. If so, it's time for a bath.

If the artificial topiary balls are in a pot, cover the pot and filler with plastic to protect them from the water. Place your ball topiaries near a water hose on a clean surface. Use the spray nozzle on your hose and gently spray your plant. Shake the topiary balls lightly to remove most of the water, and allow it to air dry. After these simple steps, your faux topiary ball will be good as new!