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Artificial Herb Plants

Our collection of silk herbs and garden plants will never need a drop of water or any pruning. Whether you choose to display our fake herb plants in your living room or in a covered patio setting, you'll swear they're the real thing! These carefully crafted artificial herbs and fake plants are true marvels to touch and behold. The best part? You can cherish them for a lifetime - no green thumb required!

Types of Artificial Herb Plants

Silks Are Forever has the most extensive collection of silk herbs you can find online, so no matter your preferences or home decor, you can find the perfect fake herb plants to suit them. Some of the artificial herbs you can find here include:



Lavender & Eucalyptus




And More!

Are Silk Herbs Really Made of Silk?

All the artificial herb plants and

silk flowers
in our collection are made of synthetic materials rather than actual silk to mimic the colors and textures of real garden plants as closely as possible. Silk was used a hundred years ago to make beautiful botanical recreations, and because of its prominence, it became a standard industry term used to describe artificial plants. So, while no actual silk is used in the creation of our artificial herbs, plants and flowers, we capture their natural beauty all the same
- and give you the gift of plants that last forever!

How Do I Care for Silk Herbs?

Unlike real herbs and garden plants, our artificial replicas never need to be pruned, watered or fertilized. Instead, simply keep your artificial herbs out of intense, direct sunlight to avoid fading over time, and give them a gentle dusting every now and again to keep them looking as lifelike and vibrant as possible.