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Outdoor Artificial Flowers

Our outdoor artificial flowers are designed for people who want beautiful flowers outside their home year-round without having to water them or worry about pests. UV resistant artificial flowers from Silks Are Forever look fantastic and last forever without the maintenance concerns that come with fresh flowers and plants. In addition to artificial flowers for outdoors, we also carry artificial outdoor plants and artificial outdoor trees. Check out our artificial outdoor flowers below and find what you’re looking for now!

Can All of Your Outdoor Artificial Flowers Go Outside?

We have a wide selection of the best outdoor artificial flowers you can find, and all of them are designed to spend time outside. But, be aware that we classify our outdoor flowers into three categories that describe how the elements will affect them:

Water-Resistant flowers are the least hardy of our outdoor fake flowers — they can withstand being wet but will fade with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. No warranty or guarantee is included.

UV-Resistant flowers are the first level of our UV-protected outdoor artificial flowers. Length of time before fading will vary significantly depending on location and thickness of materials used. Expect maybe a couple months for thin leaves in high heat southern states with direct all day sun to lasting many years in northern states under partial sun. No warranty or guarantee is included.

UV-Proof artificial outdoor flowers are guaranteed to
delay fading for a minimum of 5 years, (3 years for Arizona, Texas and Florida),
and withstand the ravages of wind, rain, ice, snow, and people.

FAQ for Outdoor Artificial Flowers

Have questions about our collection of outdoor flowers? Silks Are Forever has the answers to help you pick out the right flowers for your space.

Are Your Silk Flowers Really Made of Silk?

"Silk" is an industry term used to describe the synthetic materials that create silk flowers and plants. These materials help us replicate a high level of lifelike detail, making our artificial outdoor flowers hard to distinguish from live plants.
Some of our least fade resistant items will be a poly/silk material, which is
just a polyester blend, is sprayed with UV inhibitors. The stronger fade
resistant items will be thicker plastics blended with UV inhibitors in the

Can I Buy a Single Flower?

Some of the products in our selection are sold individually, but most of our flowers, including outdoor hanging flowers, are sold in packs. We package our flowers in bulk to bring you the best quality at the lowest prices, so these packs cannot be split up.

How Do I Care for My Artificial Outdoor Flowers?

About all you have to do is dust off your flowers or spray them with water to keep them looking vibrant, colorful and most importantly—alive!