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Artificial Garland

Nothing sets the stage for a celebration like a festive silk garland. You can weave many of them into a large, decorative piece that can be hung above your doorway or around your porch. And if you’re tired of pruning and watering live garlands, you can always get some permanently beautiful ones from Silks Are Forever.

These particular artificial garlands are meant for indoor use. They’re a great addition to your home’s decor and they come without the hassle of trying to care for live plants.

Artificial Garland Options

For a realistic alternative to live foliage, Silks Are Forever offers several indoor faux garlands for purchase at affordable prices. We have two types of garlands: Preserved and Fully Artificial.

Preserved Garland

While we might call this product artificial garland, some of them are made of real garlands. These plants have been carefully preserved to ensure that they maintain their beauty and texture.

In short, these are the most realistic artificial garlands you'll ever buy because they are real. However, they do require a certain amount of care. You’ll need to keep them out of direct sunlight and spritz them with water every few days. This way, they’ll stay fresh, and you can use them for years.

Fully Artificial Garland

The completely artificial garlands are put through a high-tech process that ensures that they look as natural as fresh garland. These types don’t need any care at all. As long as you’re careful with them when decorating, they’ll stay beautiful for several years.

At Silks Are Forever, our customers are our priority. We make sure that all your needs and questions are addressed as soon as possible. We have an
FAQ page that can answer most questions. If you don't see what you need there, you can contact us directly.

To ensure that our customers get their money's worth, we offer our products at wholesale prices. Our faux garlands are usually sold in packs, which allows us to give you the best value per item.

Get your artificial garland from a place you can trust. Buy your garlands from Silks Are Forever today!