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Ficus Trees

Silk ficus trees elevate your space without the hassle of upkeep. Eternally fresh and vibrant, nobody will suspect that this astonishingly life-like statement piece is actually a fake ficus tree. Glossy green, variegated, commercial-sized and braided ficus trees — even outdoor ficus trees — are available. Shop our artificial ficus trees today!

Need Decorating Ideas for Your Silk Ficus Tree?

An artificial ficus tree can add a touch of nature and really enhance a room's decor. Here are some ideas for adding the look of a flourishing tropical paradise to your home:

Combine our artificial ficus with a
silk palm tree and a

banana tree
to create a tropical oasis inside your home or office.

Add mini fairy lights to your faux ficus tree for a cozy and warm glow that will brighten up any dark corner.

Incorporate an

outdoor ficus
into your patio decor for a lush backdrop to your exterior entertaining space.

Group silk ficus trees of varying heights in

metallic containers
and large battery-operated candles for a show-stopping entry without compare.

FAQs for Artificial Ficus Trees

When trying to choose the perfect silk ficus tree for your home, you might need some help. We compiled a handful of the questions most commonly asked by customers like you.

How Are Fake Ficus Tree Heights Measured?

In keeping with industry standards, any artificial ficus that comes with a pot is measured from the bottom of the pot to the outstretched tip on the top. This simply means that if you point the longest leaf or frond straight up, you measure the farthest most measurement. When we say a silk ficus tree is 6 feet high, we are measuring from the bottom of the container or tree trunk to the top of the tree, extending the longest leaf or frond as we measure. When we specify that a faux ficus tree is 37 inches wide, we measure the plant with the leaves or stems extended to the sides. Shaping these plants and trees will reduce the overall size.

Please note that plant and ficus silk tree heights are approximate — because of their handmade nature, taller plants may vary a few inches in height. Floral arrangements are more exact, as these are pre-arranged and do not change shape after being created.

Can Faux Ficus Trees Be Used Outdoors?

Good news! We stock many outdoor ficus trees specifically created for exterior use. They are designed to never fade or deteriorate outdoors and are UV-resistant, so your decorating options are virtually unlimited. Look for the following in the product descriptions to choose the best fake ficus tree for your application:

Outdoor and/or Water Resistant in the title = Usually a plastic material that won't absorb water. Not UV resistant and will fade over time.

UV-Resistant in the title = Usually but not always a plastic material with UV inhibitors that will delay fading for a minimum of one year. Whether it will endure the ravages of rain and wind will depend on the materials used.

UV-Proof in the title = Usually but not always a plastic material with UV inhibitors that will delay fading for a minimum of five years. Designed to withstand the ravages of sun fading, wind, rain, ice, snow and people.

Our other silk ficus trees CAN be used as outdoor decoration, but it is not advised to leave them in direct sunlight for any significant amount of time. This includes direct sunlight coming in through an indoor window. Most of our artificial ficus trees are made out of materials that will eventually fade like any other fabric when left out in the sun but they will last longer if put in the shade or on a porch where direct sunlight isn't a factor. Heavy rain and wind may also knock the fronds out of trunks or the materials may absorb rainwater causing items to look wilted and/or fall over. Be sure to always take proper care of your outdoor ficus tree to extend its life.