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Outdoor Garland

Decorating with outdoor garland is a great way to add some elegant natural elements to your home. If you want the look of natural garland without the hassle, buy some artificial outdoor garland from Silks Are Forever!

Our outdoor garland is designed to give you realistic, stress-free, reusable decor that you can leave up all year if you want. Garlands are typically used to add a festive vibe during holidays and celebrations. Wouldn't you rather have an exterior garland that you can easily set up and doesn't wilt?

Why Artificial Outdoor Garland?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should buy all your exterior garlands from us:

Expert Crafting

Garlands are much smaller than trees, but they require a lot of detail. When crafting our outside garland designs, we pay special attention to these parts. Our goal is to make hyper-realistic outdoor garlands that don’t lose to the real ones in any way.

We achieve this by using synthetic fiber and high-tech processes and machines to help clone the real garland. We make every product so lifelike that you might forget that the garlands are fake.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining outdoor garland is a pain in the neck. They might be hung up high, and you’ll need a ladder to water them properly. And even if they’re down low, you’ll still need to remind yourself to care for it every once in a while. There's no need for that with our outdoor silk garland. Just hang them up when it's time, and take them down when the celebrations are over.

No Pests

Ever had a problem with wildlife eating your garlands? Well, our outdoor silk garland may give them indigestion. Our artificial plants aren’t edible. This means that your garlands will make it back into storage safely without attracting the hunger of birds, animals or insects.


As an outdoor product, the artificial garland we sell at Silks Are Forever is one that doesn’t fade quickly. There are different levels to this resistance.

The outdoor artificial
garland material won't absorb water. That is, every time it rains, you don't
have to worry about the plant soaking up water. Not UV resistant and will fade over time. Not recommended for direct sunlight. No warranty or guarantee is included.

An artificial
garland has been treated with UV inhibitors that will delay fading caused by
UV rays. Length of time before fading will vary significantly depending on location and thickness of materials used. Expect maybe a couple months for thin leaves in high heat southern states with direct all day sun to lasting many years in northern states under partial sun. No warranty or guarantee is included.

Your silk outdoor
garland have been infused with UV inhibitors that is guaranteed to delay fading for a minimum of 5 years, (3 years for Arizona, Texas and Florida), and withstand the ravages of wind, rain, ice, snow, and people.

Wholesale Prices

We aren't ashamed to say that we have the lowest prices on the internet. You can get several packs of outdoor garland and get a considerable discount. You get to shop quality at an affordable price.

Customer Care

Our customer care agents are always ready to answer any questions you might have, including ones about returns and refunds.

At Silks Are Forever, we take our customers' wishes seriously. We want you to have the best garland outdoors. We make them for you. We want you to make the best deals. We offer you unbeatable wholesale prices. Wouldn’t you rather shop at a store that cares for you?

Buy outdoor garlands at Silks Are Forever today!