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Artificial Wedding Flowers

At Silks Are Forever, we carry a wide selection of silk bridal bouquets for sale. Why buy expensive fresh bouquets when they'll already be wilting by the end of your big day? When you're planning for your wedding, silk flower bridal bouquets and silk plants are the way to go. Just like our entire line of silk flowers, our silk wedding bouquets are hand-crafted in perfect detail. Best of all, you'll be able to cherish them for a lifetime! Browse our collection and bring your wedding to life with our artificial bridal bouquets and tabletops.

We've Got the Silk Flower Bouquet You're Looking For

No matter what style of silk flower bouquet you want, we have something for every couple. From roses to peonies to hydrangeas, we carry hundreds of varieties of artificial wedding flowers. Thinking about silk flowers for your wedding? Look no further than Silks Are Forever. Browse our inventory of silk bouquets today.

FAQ for Silk Bridal Bouquets

Have some questions about the silk wedding flowers in our collection? Silks Are Forever has the answers to help you select the right silk bouquets for any wedding.

Are Your Silk Bouquets Really Made of Silk?

Our silk bridal bouquets are not made of actual silk. Instead, they are
usually made of synthetic ingredients including nylon and polyester, and yes
some flowers require different kinds of plastics to look realistic. "Silk" is just a holdover term that goes back many years when artificial flowers were made from genuine silk.

I Found the Silk Flower Bouquet That I Want. Can I Buy Just 1?

Some of our silk wedding bouquets are sold individually, but most are sold in packs of 2-6,
sometimes more. We sell our artificial wedding flowers in bulk to bring you top quality at wholesale prices, so the items in these packs cannot be sold individually.

How Do I Care for My Silk Bridal Bouquets?

Each silk bouquet will last a lifetime because it will not require any maintenance other than a simple dusting from time to time. We also suggest keeping your artificial wedding flowers away from direct sunlight to prevent them from fading. Unlike live flowers, you can display your silk flower bouquet to remember your wedding day for years to come.