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Artificial Greenery & Garland

Accentuate your home or office with artificial greenery garland from Silks Are Forever. Silk garland is a great option to bring life and color to an area when it just wouldn't be practical to use fresh plants. And, our artificial garland looks as natural as the real thing. We offer several types of garland in our online store, including floral, ivy, outdoor and inherent fire retardant (IFR) options. Enhance your space with high-quality silk garland today.


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Silk Garland Isn't Just for the Holidays

Garland is a popular choice for Christmas and holiday decor, but you don't have to relegate beautiful silk greenery garland to just the last two months of the year. Get creative and have fun with garland all year long! Below are some decorating tips to keep artificial garland around every day.

Across the Mantel

Borrow this idea from your Christmas decor. A stretch of artificial greenery garland across the top of the mantel makes a very inviting hearth. Swap out the holly berries and faux snow for something more seasonal to add some color and change things up month to month.

Door Frames and Windows

Framing a door or window with silk garland gives a nice appearance. Similar to the tip above, you can update your doorway and window displays periodically with fake flowers and silk plants to stay current with the changing seasons.

Table Centerpieces

Craft a gorgeous table centerpiece by wrapping artificial garland around a large bowl to add a fresh and colorful focal point to your dining room.

FAQs for Artificial Garland

Before you choose from our selection of artificial garland, you may have some questions about our products. Answers to some of the most common questions we receive about silk greenery garland are below.

Is Your Artificial Garland Really Made From Silk?

Although many of our products are listed as "silk garland," they are not actually made of silk. "Silk" is an industry term that describes the synthetics used to craft fake plants, like our artificial greenery garland products. Rather than silk, we use components such as nylon and polyester to achieve a realistic substitute for fresh flowers.

Can I Buy Just One Garland?

Our goal at Silks Are Forever is to provide our customers the best silk garland and other silk plants and flowers at the best value. To do this, we often sell in bulk, meaning items must be purchased in the pack amount designated in the product listing.

How Do I Maintain My Artificial Garland?

Because our artificial greenery garland isn't living, it doesn't require any maintenance outside of a light dusting now and then. We also recommend keeping your silk garland out of direct sunlight to prevent fading, and to only use them indoors unless the product specifies that it is safe for outdoor use.