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Faux Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are the embodiment of Zen, but it takes a lot of hard work to prune and shape them into traditional styles — not to mention keep them alive during the process. That's why a silk bonsai tree is so wonderful: you get an authentic-looking tree without the maintenance! Every artificial bonsai tree in our selection was crafted with quality and detail in mind to add a bold, unique addition to any part of your home or office. The best part? You get to cherish it forever! Browse below to find the perfect artificial silk bonsai tree and check out our other artificial trees. We have bamboo trees, everyday trees, ficus trees, and much more.

Common Bonsai Tree Styles

While bonsai trees are best known for being miniaturized versions of regular trees, there's a lot more thought that goes into pruning and shaping them than simply keeping them small. The practice also involves controlling the shapes that the trees' trunks and branches grow into in order to create a certain aesthetic. The silk bonsai tree styles at Silks Are Forever are made to emulate these aesthetics with as much lifelike detail as possible. Some of the styles we have include:

Formal Upright:
Artificial trees with a straight appearance and branches that are wider at the bottom than the top.

Informal Upright: A style with curves in the trunk and branches.

Slant: A mostly straight trunk that grows at a slanted angle.

Cascade: Probably the most recognizable bonsai style! The trunk and branches seem to flow like water out over the edge of their containers.

Artificial Bonsai Tree FAQ

Find the answers to some commonly asked questions about our silk bonsai tree collection.

How Do I Care for My Silk Bonsai Tree?

Unlike real ones, it's easy to maintain artificial bonsai trees! You don't have to water or prune them, but we do recommend keeping them away from strong, direct sunlight that could cause them to fade over time. A light dusting every now and again would be fine as well!

Are Your Silk Bonsai Trees Really Made of Silk?

No — "silk" is an industry term to describe the materials used to make
artificial plants of all kinds. Nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials are usually used to make artificial bonsai tree styles, and other artificial trees as well. We always use the materials that allow us to capture the highest level of realism in our fake plants so that even when you look closely you have a hard time telling that they aren't real!

Where Can I Place My Artificial Bonsai Tree?

The short answer is anywhere that is sheltered from harsh sunlight and the elements; in other words, an indoor space or enclosed area like a porch or patio. Our artificial bonsai tree arrangements look very attractive as table centerpieces, on shelves for decoration or as
Zen statements in your office.