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Fruits, Vegetables & Bakery

Our artificial fruit and vegetables can be left out on your kitchen counter, displayed on your dining room table or used as decor throughout your house—it will never rot or need to be refrigerated! Our artificial vegetables, fruit and baked goods look just as realistic as fresh food you would buy at your local store. You'll find numerous ways to decorate with our fake fruit and vegetables, and you can use them for years since they'll never spoil!


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Artificial Fruits and Vegetables Make an Inviting Presentation

A nice bowl of yummy fruit on the table presents a colorful and welcoming atmosphere. There's just something quite inviting about a display of fruit inside the home. Putting out fresh fruit is a fine idea, but it's one that has a short shelf life. That's where faux fruit and vegetables come in handy—you can use them again and again for gorgeous displays that never wilt, rot or die. Below are some of the super realistic-looking faux vegetables and other foods available here at Silks Are Forever:



Citrus (lemons, oranges, grapefruit)

Various kinds of apples

Breads and cakes

And many more!

Artificial Fruit and Veggies FAQ

Have questions about our faux vegetables and fruits? Silks Are Forever is here to help you get the answers you seek!

What are Your Faux Fruit and Vegetables Made of?

Our artificial fruits and vegetables are generally made of plastic
and styrofoam, as well as other synthetic materials depending on the product. The artificial fruit and faux vegetables we carry are some of the most realistic you'll find. When you put out a display of our artificial food, your guests are going to want to take a bite!

How Do I Take Care of My Fake Fruit and Veggies?

One of the great things about
silk plants is that they're nearly maintenance-free! We recommend keeping your artificial fruits and vegetables dusted so they stay looking fresh and realistic. Also, keep them indoors away from direct sunlight, which can cause their bright colors to fade.

Can I Buy Just One Apple?

To bring you the best quality faux vegetables and fruits at the lowest prices, the majority of our products are sold in packs of multiple items. Selling in bulk gives you the highest value per item. Packaged products can only be bought for the listed price per pack.