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Artificial Hanging Baskets

Get all the beauty of a hanging basket without all the maintenance with silk hanging plants from Silks Are Forever. Our artificial hanging plants and flowers never need a drop of water or any form of pruning, yet they still look as real and vibrant as an indoor houseplant! These carefully crafted artificial hanging baskets are true masterpieces to behold, brightening any room, porch or patio. The best part? You get to cherish them for a lifetime. View all our fake hanging plants below!

Types of Silk Hanging Plants

Whether you're seeking flowers that always stay in bloom or some greenery for your living room, you'll find the perfect artificial hanging baskets at Silks Are Forever. We carry a fantastic variety of fake hanging plants, including Boston ferns, Wandering Jews, begonias, geraniums, spider silk plants, ivy and so much more. Hang them in your living room or out on your covered porch to enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers year-round, without any pruning or watering!

Are Silk Hanging Plants Really Made of Silk?

The term "silk" is an industry standard term often used to describe fake hanging plants. In actuality, our

artificial flowers
and plants are created with synthetic fibers that realistically and accurately mimic the appearance of plants just as well as the true silks that were used a hundred years ago.

Can Artificial Hanging Baskets Be Hung Outside?

Certain styles of
artificial plants and flowers may be placed in enclosed outdoor areas like porches or patios, or anywhere they will not be heavily exposed to weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.) or direct sunlight. These precautions will protect your silk hanging plants and ensure that your silks really do last forever!

What are the Best Times of Year to Decorate with Silk Hanging Plants?

Anytime! The beauty of artificial hanging baskets is that they allow you to enjoy your favorite plants all year round. We do have a few recommendations, though:

If you keep your silk hanging plants on a porch or patio, take them down or otherwise shield them from harsh conditions like storms or winter weather.

Switch out your fake hanging plants throughout the seasons with our
holiday and seasonal decorations.

Use silk versions of your favorite annuals to enjoy plants and flowers all throughout winter.