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Faux Greenery Plants

Our artificial greenery will never need a drop of water or pruning. Whether displayed in your living room or in a covered patio setting you'll swear that our silk plants resemble a real indoor houseplant. Carefully crafted, these faux greenery plants are a true masterpiece and a treasure to behold and touch. And... You'll get to cherish it for a lifetime!

Silk Greenery Plants

Looking to freshen up your interior with some lush artificial greenery? Bring your space to life with Silks Are Forever's exquisite collection of faux greenery plants.
Available in a variety of designs and colors, the life-like feel and texture of our fake greenery will add a striking touch to your decorations.

Crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail, our everlasting greenery and lifelike fake leaves allow you to revamp your space with ease. Explore our exclusive collection and get ready to elevate your surroundings with a touch of nature's beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Greenery

How do you make fake greenery look real?

Choose high-quality artificial greenery that closely mimics the appearance and texture of real plants.

Pay attention to the details, such as realistic color variations and natural-looking veins on the leaves.

Use different types of fake greenery to create depth and variety in your arrangements.

Incorporate real elements, like natural branches or stones, to enhance the authenticity of the display.

Position the artificial greenery in a natural and organic way, mimicking how real plants would grow and cascade.

Regularly dust and clean the fake greenery to maintain its realistic appearance.

Consider adding subtle enhancements, such as misting the leaves with water or applying a touch of floral scent, to further enhance the realism.

Arrange the artificial greenery with real plants or alongside natural elements to create a seamless blend between real and fake foliage.

How long do artificial plants last outside?

While artificial greenery can have a long lifespan, this can be reduced to just a few months, or less, if exposed to direct sunlight. Proper care and preventive measures, such as placing them in shaded areas, can help prolong their appearance and durability. We recommend
purchasing UV-Resistant or UV-Proof artificial greenery if they are being used outside.

How do you use fake greenery?

You can do many things with faux greenery, like flower arranging and

making a green wall
. To use artificial greenery:

Regularly dust the leaves to keep them clean.

Enhance the display by adding moss, real soil, or rocks to the container.

Consider adding water to a vase of plant stems or leaves for a more realistic appearance.