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Small Artificial Table Top Topiaries

Topiary bushes are wonderful...until you have to spend all of your free time pruning them so they maintain their shape. That's what makes the artificial topiary plants from Silks Are Forever so perfect — they never need any pruning or watering! Our tabletop topiaries are crafted with quality and detail in mind so that anyone who sees them will swear they're staring at a real plant. But, the best part about artificial topiary plants is that you get to cherish them for a lifetime. View all of our tabletop topiaries below!

Our Most Popular Topiary Shapes

Our artificial topiary plants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes — just like real topiary plants. Some of the most common and beloved styles we carry in our selection include:

Ball Topiary
: These tabletop topiaries are round and often come prearranged in a pot. You can choose
fake plants with smaller leaves, like our artificial boxwood, or something with more pronounced foliage like our tea leaf bundles.

Cone and Pyramid Topiary
: These artificial topiary plants are thick at the bottom and taper to a thin top for a pleasing, classic silhouette.

Square Topiary
: Our sharp-edged fake topiaries can provide a modern decoration for your space, depending on the style of planter you pair it with.

Double Ball-Shaped: These artificial topiary plants have a larger ball topped with a smaller ball to add whimsy to any room.

Bird-Shaped: Animal shapes are a classic topiary style! We carry several sizes of bird-shaped tabletop topiaries and more.

Where Can I Place Artificial Topiary Plants?

Like our other
silk topiary plants, tabletop topiaries can be placed anywhere in your home or business. We recommend that our artificial topiary plants be kept away from strong, direct sunlight, as this can cause their colors to fade over time. They should also be kept indoors or in enclosed environments like porches or patios where rain and other weather conditions can't reach them. If you'd like artificial topiary plants for the exterior of your home or business, we invite you to view our incredible collection of

outdoor topiaries

Some of the most popular ways that tabletop topiaries can be used to decorate your space are:

As centerpieces for your dining room table

On shelves to add natural-looking beauty to other decor

In reception areas to soften corporate aesthetics

In offices as desk decorations

In retail spaces to enhance the appearance of displays

Do All Tabletop Topiaries Come With Pots or Planters?

Many of our artificial topiary plants come with decorative containers like pots, vases or planters. However, others come as a bundle, giving you the option to place them in any container you like. The beauty of artificial topiary plants is that you don't have to worry about choosing a vase or pot with proper drainage or with enough room to accommodate roots and soil. These silk plants can be enjoyed for life with no messy repotting, watering or pruning to worry about. So choose whatever container will complement your space best — it's going to look great!