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Silk Flower Wreaths

You’ll love our silk flower wreaths in all the beautiful colors, textures and arrangements. Artificial floral wreaths offer an attractive yet simple way to dress up your front entrance or the main foyer of office space. They are ideal for the festive season or year-round. Faux floral wreaths are ideal as wall decorations or centerpieces.

The Ideal Centerpiece with a Candle

Silk floral wreaths create ideal centerpieces with a candle for your next dinner party or formal dining event. You can choose a silk floral wreath with a blend of colors and flowers or a simple white or natural blend.

An Artificial Floral Wreath for Every Season

Sunflowers for the summer, rose in the spring, poppies in the fall or a silk fern blend for the winter? You’ll find the ideal artificial floral wreath style to coordinate with every season or as a permanent fixture on your wall or table.

Silk Flower Wreaths as Excellent Gifts

Everyone knows someone who loves floral arrangements and garden arrangements. A silk floral wreath is the perfect gift for any occasion and lasts longer than naturally dried flowers. There’s a beautiful selection of faux floral wreaths with signature designs and bright, refreshing colors.

FAQs for Artificial Flower Wreaths

Are you considering a beautiful artificial flower wreath for your next dinner party or front entrance door? You’ll find additional information, including answers to some common questions about the quality and care of these gorgeous ornaments.

Do Silk Floral Wreaths Require Lots of Care?

Silk floral wreaths are easy to care for and require no special attention, except for light dusting. They can be used outdoors for short periods as a table decoration, though keeping them in direct sunlight regularly may result in fading.

Is An Artificial Flower Wreath Really Made Out of Silk?

Like other
silk flower arrangements and
silk plants, artificial flower wreaths offer a realistic, high-quality appearance, though the materials used do not necessarily contain silk. Our products are durable and made from a blend of PVC, latex, polyester and similar materials.

How Light is a Silk Floral Wreath?

Silk floral wreaths are lightweight and easy to move or transport with ease. You’ll find they are durable, provided you do not push or weigh them down with other objects. If you use a silk flower wreath as a table ornament, keep it clear from other items.