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Decorative Artificial Plant Mats & Living Walls

Our artificial plant and wall mat collection will never need a drop of water or pruning. With silk flowers, artificial trees, and silk topiary, you can create an indoor garden or an earthy paradise right inside your office or home. Use our faux greenery mats to build custom hedges, topiary balls and artificial living walls. Our green garden wall mats are easily sectioned together to create unique and stunning wall tiles & coverings. And... You'll get to cherish them for a lifetime! Purchase your greenery mat today at Silks Are Forever.

Artificial Plant Walls and Trims

An artificial plant wall is ideal for a full-sized wall or trim to accentuate a newly renovated home or rustic-style room. You’ll find many options available to install this stunning greenery which, like all
silk plants, is easy to care for without watering or high maintenance.

Choosing the Right Faux Living Wall for Your Home

Our faux living wall options are available in gorgeous, rich sections that can easily attach or hang from any surface. Ideally, you can use them indoors to cover all or part of a wall. The artificial living wall presents a calm, earthy look to your indoor space.

Adorn Your Living Space with Indoor Artificial Green Walls and Other Natural Accents

Do you have an indoor fountain, rock collection or wood finish? An indoor artificial green wall ties natural decor and earth hues together for a refreshing appearance and relaxing atmosphere. Faux hanging vines or lush, dark green hanging mats are available in sections, so you can measure and plan how much or little faux living wall you want to install.

Corridor and Front Entrance Greenery

Installing an artificial living wall opposite a front entrance or next to a full-length mirror is a fantastic way to showcase your home from the start. Hanging ivy mats are UV-resistant and work well indoors and outdoors. If you have a wide corridor, you might consider accenting sections of your hallway with lush indoor artificial green walls.

FAQs for Grass and Decorative Artificial Living Wall Mats

Artificial living wall mats and grasses give you a fantastic way to make your home “pop” with natural-looking greenery and plants requiring no maintenance. You may have questions about caring for your new living wall grass or plants once you decide to install a lovely set in your home.

Can I Install Artificial Living Walls Outside?

We include UV inhibitors in our decorative artificial plant walls with UV-proof or UV-resistant protection, which means they are ideal for outdoor installations. These arrangements work best when installed flush against a wall or over a shaded fence or entranceway.

How Effective is the UV-Proof Protection for Some Artificial Plant Walls and Grasses?

UV-proof protection usually lasts a minimum of five years
in most states, which means your artificial plant wall is subject to fading in direct sunlight or other elements after this time. With proper care, such as covering your faux living wall with an opaque sheet, you may extend the lifetime of the UV benefits.
UV-resistant has no set time frame as the thickness of the material plays a
significant factor but expect about 1-3 years.

What Is the Difference Between UV-Proof and UV-Resistant?

While both options offer extensive UV protection, UV-proof offers a more robust, longer-lasting option. The most effective protection is UV-proof, which delays the effects of fading from direct sunlight for
a minimum of five years. UV-resistant artificial living walls provide similar
protection but generally only for 1-3 years.

Are Some Artificial Plant Walls Water-Resistant?

Some indoor and
outdoor plant products are resistant to water. However, these faux living walls do not absorb water, are not UV-resistant and usually are not a good option for outdoor areas in direct sunlight.

How Easy is it to Maintain an Artificial Living Wall?

One of the main advantages of decorating your home or outdoor space with an artificial living wall is the lack of maintenance. Once you hang or install your faux plants or grass, you only need to dust them on occasion lightly. If you install your plant wall in a high-traffic or busy area, you may want to inspect them regularly to ensure they are clean, though this takes less than a few minutes.