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Artificial Hanging Plants

Enhance your home or office with our artificial hanging plants and ivy for the perfect nature-inspired decor. Our faux hanging plants are perfect maintenance-free and don’t require a green thumb.

What’s the Problem with Ivy?

Ivy is a beautiful plant with various colors: green, red, yellow, purple, and green, tinged with white, cream or gold. However, there are reasons why many people consider this plant a nuisance.

At Silks Are Forever, we allow you to bring the outdoors inside. Our artificial hanging plants and artificial ivy can add a burst of nature within your home or office without the careful attention needed to care for natural plants.

Natural ivy is rather stubborn. It goes where it wants to go, and anything that stands in its way is slowly crushed. Ivy can weaken your home's structure if left unchecked. With silk ivy, all of these concerns disappear. You can enjoy the beauty of this great greenery with silk hanging plants and artificial ivy, and at wholesale prices.

Why Should You Buy Artificial Hanging Plants and Ivy From Us?

Here are six reasons why you should buy your artificial hanging plants from us.

Expert Crafting

At Silks Are Forever, we use the finest synthetic fibers and high-tech processes to ensure that your silk ivy and plants look as botanically realistic as possible. We match every single detail onto our artificial plants so that your plants look as vivid as possible.

Resistance and Proof

Even though our silk hanging plants are made for indoor use, they can be put in direct contact with sunlight. The term “UV resistant” means that they have been infused with UV inhibitors that help them resist fading for a minimum period of one year. For you, this means that you can leave the hanging silk plants in direct contact with sunlight without worrying that the color will fade.

Easy Decoration

Artificial hanging plants aren’t nearly as fragile as real ones. They are easy to set up on your walls or in planters. All you have to do is hang them up or put them in a planter.


As we said before, some of our silk ivy plants are UV resistant. While this does make them sturdier and less likely to fade, all our products can last a minimum of one year without fading.


We have all sorts of artificial hanging plants in stock.

Buy Wholesale Artificial Hanging Plants and Silk Ivy at Silks Are Forever

Silks Are Forever always makes sure you get the best quality artificial hanging plants and ivy at wholesale prices. Contact us today to order!