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Fake Plants

Silk plants are the perfect low-maintenance decor option for your home or office. The high-end artificial plants at Silks Are Forever were handcrafted with meticulous detail to serve as inspiration for any interior design project. We carry a wide selection of fake plants, including ferns, herbs, succulents, faux greenery, hanging plants, faux grass, and more! We also have a selection of outdoor artificial plants to help bring your porch or patio to life without all the maintenance of real greenery. Check out all of the silk plants we have in store today to find greenery that will never wilt or wither!


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Ways to Decorate with Fake Plants

The beauty of the artificial plants at Silks Are Forever is that they have all the lifelike detail of real plants with none of the maintenance. You never have to worry about the mess of repotting and watering, or time-consuming tasks like pruning
- they'll look as beautiful as the day you got them for years to come! There are so many ways to take advantage of silk plants in your interior decorating, such as:


Potted houseplants
and succulent plants create a gorgeous focal point for your dining room or kitchen table.

Window Boxes: Create an adorable window box with no maintenance needed by using potted

ornamental grass plants

Porch & Patio Decor: Add some extra life and color to your porch or patio with an outdoor silk plant — or several!

Front Lobby Decor: Liven up the front lobby of your office or place of business with beautiful fake plants.

Kitchen Decor: Bring your kitchen to life with a box of artificial herb and garden plants!

Fake Plants FAQ

Do you have some questions about our silk plants? We're here to help!

Are Your Silk Plants Really Made of Silk?

The term "silk" is just an industry standard — most of our artificial plants are made with synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. We also use certain plastics to make our fake plants look as botanically accurate as possible so that, in many cases, it's hard to distinguish them from the real plants they're based on!

How Do I Care for My Silk Plants?

Artificial plants require none of the maintenance of real plants — no more watering, pruning and repotting! Instead we recommend dusting them off from time to time and keeping them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Unless you're choosing a silk plant rated for outdoor use, you should also keep it in an enclosed or indoor space where it will be safe from the elements.

Are Silk Plants Fire-Safe?

Silks Are Forever carries a wide selection of

inherent fire retardant plants and greenery
. Our IFR fake plants are perfect for anyone concerned about their product being a potential fire hazard!