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Artificial Areca Palm Trees

The artificial areca palm tree requires no pruning, watering or high maintenance. Bring the beauty of Madagascar to your home year-round with one or two of these beautiful silk areca palm trees. Enjoy the benefit of tropical scenery any season without leaving the comfort of your home.

Silk Areca Palm Trees Fit Beautifully in Every Room

If you have room for it, you’ll love the way a silk areca palm tree accents your bedroom, living room, dining room or entranceway. If you have extra room at the end of a corridor, a small to medium-sized areca works beautifully to add a touch of nature.

Create a Dramatic Effect with an Artificial Areca Palm Tree

Any style or decor works perfectly with an artificial areca palm tree. The result is a natural sensation that instantly becomes a conversation piece. You’ll find the stunning appearance adds a calming vibe in a spacious room or a cozy feeling in a corner or a terrace.

Artificial Areca Palm Trees for the Holidays

Christmas trees are traditionally evergreen, though you can take a new approach with a artificial areca palm tree for a twist on holiday decor. You can adorn the tree with light tinsel, ornaments and LED lighting. Using lightweight items is ideal to avoid weighing down the plant.

Artificial Areca Palm Plants for the Office or Reception

If you’re looking to spruce up your office or reception area, you’ll love the sensation of calm that artificial areca palm plants bring to your working space. It’s an excellent introduction for guests and potential clients to your professional office. Artificial areca palm trees create a beautiful accent next to a water fountain or set of chairs in a waiting room.

Silk Areca Palm Tree FAQs

Are you considering a silk areca palm tree for your home or office? You’ll find the low maintenance and natural look of these plants incredible. You may have a few questions before you make a purchase, and you’ll find the answers below.

How Tall Are Artificial Areca Palms?

The height range of artificial areca palms varies considerably from three feet to just over eight feet. If you’re unsure of which size works best for your space, measure the location, room or corner size before you order and install the plant. A smaller, bush-like silk tree is perfect for a smaller space. A moderately high or tall tree works best in a spacious room or studio.

Do Your Artificial Areca Palm Plants Come with a Pot?

Most artificial areca palm plants have a pot to support their structure. In some cases, pots can accommodate more than one tree, which depends on the size of the silk palm tree, pot and medium used inside. Experiment a bit with this space to determine how you can add more than one plant if desired. In most cases, one tree or set per pot is ideal and works perfectly.

Can Artificial Areca Palms Be Installed Outdoors?

Unfortunately, most artificial areca palms are not ideal for outdoor use as the leaves can fade in sunlight. Artificial areca palm plants may be subject to damage from the elements, reducing their lifetime and overall quality, so they are best for indoor use. We do have a selection of

outdoor palm trees
available to our customers, however.

Are There Samples Available to Review Before Making a Purchase?

In general, we don’t offer samples for artificial areca palm trees or other faux living plants. If you purchase a product and it does not meet your satisfaction, you may have the option of returning it for a refund. If you want assurance that you’ve made the right choice, consider reading the
return policy or buy a smaller product, such as a silk flower spray or stem, so that you can inspect the product.