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Artificial Floral Arrangements

Our silk flower arrangements are breathtakingly gorgeous and just as romantic as the most sought-after fresh floral pieces. If you're looking for home decorating ideas for a special occasion or everyday beauty, you'll find that our fake flower arrangements are ideal for brightening up your living space. You can even combine different silk floral arrangements to create a totally unique tabletop piece. And because they'll never have to be watered or pruned, these silk flowers and arrangements can be cherished for a lifetime. View the wide selection of artificial floral arrangements available at Silks Are Forever today!


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Types of Silk Floral Arrangements

At Silks Are Forever, you can find a broad range of fake flower arrangements, including





tropical-themed pieces
. We even offer mixed centerpieces, available in glass or other stylish containers. No matter which silk flower arrangements you choose, you're sure to enjoy them for years to come.

How Do I Care for My Artificial Floral Arrangements?

Unlike live floral centerpieces or potted plants, silk flower arrangements never need any watering or pruning to look their best! However, to ensure that your silks truly do last forever, we recommend keeping your pieces indoors unless they're outdoor-rated. You should also keep them away from areas that get a significant amount of direct, powerful sunlight, as this can cause them to fade over time. Give them a light dusting every now and then and your silk floral arrangements will stay beautiful for a lifetime!

What Occasions Can Silk Flower Arrangements Be Used For?

Fake flower arrangements can add brightness and beauty to your home any time of year and for any reason, but there are several occasions when they can help take your space to the next level:

Family Gatherings: Wow your family with a gorgeous centerpiece next Thanksgiving.

Cocktail Parties: Make your space as lively as the event you're hosting!

Romantic Gestures: Woo your partner with a lovely surprise they can cherish forever.

Seasonal Changes: Add extra life and color to your home during the dreary winter months.

And More! Whether you're preparing for a special event, decorating for a holiday or just beautifying your home, artificial floral arrangements are the perfect solution.

Are Your Silk Floral Arrangements Really Made of Silk?

No - silk is an industry standard term used to describe the synthetic materials that modern artificial floral arrangements are crafted with. Hundreds of years ago, real silk was used to create fake plants and flowers, but the materials used today are more affordable and capture the beauty of plants at the same level of lifelike detail.