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Artificial Berry Stems

Silks Are Forever's artificial berry stems will never need a drop of water or pruning. Use these berry stems individually or mix them together with other artificial flower stems to create a beautiful centerpiece. Our authentic artificial berry spray and silk berries are sure to please. The best part is that you'll get to cherish them for a lifetime!

How to Decorate With Artificial Berry Stems

The great thing about decorating with faux berry stems is that there really are no rules. You don't have to be a professional floral designer to craft a stunning artificial berry spray arrangement. Get started with a stem or spray that catches your eye and combine it with other similar or vastly different stems for an eclectic look. Place them in a vase, glass bottle or any other container, add additional greenery if desired and wrap with ribbon to complete your super simple DIY silk berry stem design.

FAQ for Faux Berries

Read through answers to some of the most common questions asked by Silks Are Forever customers like you.

Are Your Faux Berry Stems Really Made of Silk?

No. Most of our artificial berry stems are made from other synthetic materials. "Silk" is merely an industry term that's been around for years. We also use certain plastics
or styrofoam to make our artificial berries look as realistic as possible.

How Do I Care for My Berry Stems?

Artificial berry stems don't require any maintenance other than wiping them down now and then to remove dust. We recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Can I Buy a Single Artificial Berry Spray?

All of our berry stems are usually sold in packs of 6-24. We sell them this way to bring you the best quality at the lowest bulk prices. These packs of faux berry stems cannot be split up.