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Artificial Fall Flowers

At Silks Are Forever, we pride ourselves on offering an unrivaled assortment of fall silk flowers. Our fake fall flowers are perfect for brightening up your home or workspace as the days begin to shorten, or for creating beautiful, unique centerpieces for weddings, parties or corporate events. The fall artificial flowers in our selection come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes that can be displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime — no maintenance required. Shop all of our artificial fall flowers below!


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The Most Popular Autumn Silk Flowers

Autumn brings out some of the most beautiful colors in foliage, crops and, of course, flowers. But planting real flowers, and even just maintaining them throughout the season, can be time-consuming. That's what makes artificial fall flowers so great — you get all the beauty of autumn without adding another chore to your list! At Silks Are Forever, we emulate the most popular fall flowers in stunning, lifelike detail so that you can hardly tell the difference between our

silk flowers
and the real deal. Here are some of the most popular styles in our selection:

Fall Coneflower Flowers

Fall Cosmos Flowers

Fall Daisy Flowers

Fall Mum Flowers

Fall Sunflower Flowers

Fall Silk Flowers FAQ

If you have any questions about our artificial fall flowers, you'll most likely find the answers right here! If not, head to our full
FAQ page for more information.

Are Your Autumn Silk Flowers Really Made of Silk?

No — we use the term "silk" because it's industry standard when describing fake fall flowers, or any
artificial plants. Rather than silk, we generally use the synthetic materials that best allow us to capture lifelike detail and vibrant color in our artificial plants so that the finished product looks as real as possible.

How Should I Care for My Fake Fall Flowers?

The wonderful thing about artificial fall flowers is that they have all the beauty of real flowers with none of the maintenance. Our only recommendations are that you keep them out of direct sunlight (which can cause fading over time) and that they stay indoors or in enclosed areas where they'll be sheltered from the elements.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Artificial Fall Flowers?

We offer several different shipping options depending on how quickly you'd like to receive your order. If you select standard domestic shipping, you should have your fall silk flowers in 4-10 business days.