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Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Bring a tropical feel to your home with artificial palm trees. Everyone will enjoy the sight of fun and exotic silk palm trees in and around your living space. Even if you live in a climate that supports live palms, displaying artificial palm trees outdoors is a great idea. They look great, and maintenance is basically non-existent. Whether you're looking for a Sago Cycas, a Phoenix Palm or other types of palm trees, Silks Are Forever has plenty of selection from which to choose.

Taking care of live plants is hard work. After a hard day, forgetting to water your plants is easy to do. What is even more problematic is watching your lovely sprout wither away. That’s why at Silks Are Forever our outdoor artificial palm trees are the ideal solution.

Enjoy Artificial Palm Trees That Look Like the Real Thing

Our outdoor artificial palm trees are processed using synthetic fibers and high-tech processes to achieve an accurate and realistic reproduction of a palm tree. In simple terms, we use complicated technology to make the most realistic artificial outdoor palm trees. To the extent that if you don’t touch it, you won’t believe that it’s fake.

Silk Palm Trees Are Beautiful AND Durable

Ever looked outside and spotted your beloved and well-maintained plant being consumed by some critter? Frustrating. With our silk palm trees, you’ll never have to worry about finding a part of your plant missing. You also won't need to worry about having wildlife destroy your trees. All you need to do is put your outdoor palm trees where you want them and let them exude a tropical aesthetic.

No Maintenance

There’s no need to set a reminder to water your artificial palm trees. These gorgeous palms will stand tall and look as good as the day you bought them for years to come.

Weather Resistant and Waterproof

Our artificial outdoor palm trees are resistant to the elements. They're usually water-resistant. That is, they don't absorb water easily. They are great outdoors as you can tip/pour the water out of the pot after it rains, and your plant will be fine. We also have UV-resistant and UV-proof plants. These plants are resistant or immune to UV rays.


Our artificial palm trees' outdoor life spans differ based on what kind of tree you bought and how resistant it is to UV light. However, we can say that all our silk palm trees stay beautiful for at least a year. The UV-proof plants can last up to 5 years without their color fading. Our artificial palm trees will stand the test of time, weather and people for years, which is an excellent investment for your home.

Simple Potting Makes Artificial Palm Trees the Easy Choice

Ever made a mess while transplanting a plant? Well, you won’t with our silk palm trees. Most of our artificial palm trees come without pots to allow you to choose one that fits in with your home's theme. You can also easily slide your palm tree into a pot, fill it with dirt and uproot it to change pots whenever you feel like it.