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Faux Grass

Find non-potted decorative artificial grass plants that will never need a drop of water or time-consuming pruning at Silks Are Forever. Our faux grass plants resemble real houseplants so closely that you'll swear you're looking at actual grasses and flowers! Each of our ornamental grass plants are carefully crafted and make delightful additions to any home or living space - and because they're artificial, they can be enjoyed for years to come! View our entire selection of artificial grass plants below.

Questions About Our Artificial Grass Plants

Read over some frequently asked questions about our faux grass plants to learn more about how they're made, how to care for them and where they will do best in your home.

1. Is Faux Grass Really Made of Silk?

No - "silk" is an industry term used to describe any
artificial plants and flowers, although fake plants were at one point primarily made with silk. The artificial grass plants, flowers and other arrangements found at Silks Are Forever are made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, PVC and more to make them look and feel as lifelike as possible.

2. How Do I Care For Faux Grass?

The beauty of silk faux grass plants is that they require no watering, pruning, trimming or repotting. However, to make sure they stay vibrant for years to come, we recommend keeping them indoors or in covered or enclosed areas where they will not be exposed to weather (rain, snow, etc.) or long periods of direct sunlight. An occasional dusting can also be helpful!

3. How are Your Product Heights/Sizes Measured?

According to industry standards, all of our artificial tall grass, potted silk flower arrangements and other products are measured from the bottom of the pot or stem to the top of its highest outstretched leaf or flower.

4. How Can I Decorate with Faux Grass Plants?

Whether you're using potted or unpotted faux grass, you can use them to add a pop of life and color anywhere in your home. A few examples include:

On the windowsill above your sink.

As a centerpiece on your dining room table.

On top of a hutch or bookcase.

Added to a
silk flower arrangement for extra interest.

On a desk or end table.