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4 Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

4 Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

For the space-conscious decorator, we've got you covered with our top four small front porch decorating ideas. Even if you have a limited amount of space, you can create an inviting, attractive entryway for your home or apartment with some simple small front porch decor. Let's take a look at some zero-maintenance artificial plants for front porch decoration that will help you create an inviting, engaging space that looks great.


1. Artificial Trees

A classic decorating item, artificial plants for your front porch that are tall, narrow, and attractive create an inviting tableau for guests and visitors. Made from high-quality silk, artificial trees are a great way to beautify your front porch with fake plants that require no maintenance and can easily be moved if required. Here are a few of our favorite small front porch decorating ideas using artificial trees.

Bamboo Trees

Bamboo trees are a classic example of simple small front porch decor that never gets old or stale. Designed for verticality with very narrow crowns, bamboo trees can either be used as complementary framing pieces or as the centerpiece of your overall design.

Dracaena and Yucca Trees

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, dracaena silk corn trees and yucca plants have beautiful multi-hued leaves that make them an attractive display as a part of your small front porch decorating ideas. Small yucca plants can be placed around your entryway to foster a sense of harmony with nature. Taller silk trees can be used to frame your doorway and provide maintenance-free foliage that invites guests into your home.

Bonsai Trees

When it comes to fake front porch plants, bonsai trees are one of the most popular varieties around. Made with high-quality silk, you can get an authentic-looking bonsai tree that can greet all visitors with peace and calm. For small porch decorating ideas, there are few plants that excel quite like an artificial bonsai tree can.


2. Artificial Wreaths

No list of small front porch decorating ideas would be complete without including artificial wreaths. Maximizing the space that is available to you makes artificial wreaths one of the best decorating options you can choose. Artificial wreaths are a versatile, low-maintenance, artificial front door plant that gives your home an inviting, natural appeal.

Floral Wreaths

A silk floral wreath creates a stunning doorway feature that is often the centerpiece of your small porch. Decorating ideas that can be hung from your front door help you make the most of your limited space. Silk floral wreaths mimic the color and bloom of some of your favorite flowers. They can be swapped out seasonally or to match the holidays, keeping your front porch decor looking fresh and new.

Garden Wreaths

Spruce up your front porch with garden wreaths that give your door a warm, inviting feel. Made with high-quality silk that mimics some of your favorite garden varietals like lavender, dill, ferns, thistle, and more. Each wreath creates a beautiful statement and can be color matched to complement your front door or house paint.

Greenery Wreath

A silk greenery wreath is a classic small porch decorating idea that combines the simplicity of natural greenery with an aesthetically pleasing design. Find silk garden wreaths that have the same floral patterns as boxwood, tea leaves, eucalyptus, and many others.


3. Artificial Topiaries

Fun. Pleasing. Attractive. Those are all words people use to describe artificial topiaries made from silk. These beautiful artificial front door plants create highly stylized decorations that adorn your entryway. You can use these to influence other design elements of your front lawn — like hedges and bushes — or as standalone sculptures.

Outdoor Topiary

An outdoor artificial topiary comes in several different shapes and sizes. They can be used as potted plants or as decorative finishes to other floral arrangements. When it comes to small front porch decorating ideas, topiaries allow you to do so much with very little space.

Preserved Plants

The little touches are often the most important, and preserved plants are excellent at adding accents to all of your various arrangements. Standing bundles of preserved boxwood, lavender, and wheat can help you create fun displays or can be used in other floral arrangements to diversify their colors and textures. As artificial plants for your front porch, preserved plants made from silk have dozens of different uses.


4. Vases and Planters

Now that we've taken a look at some artificial front door plants, we need a container to put them in. Planters and vases are extensions of your overall aesthetic and can complement your plant choices based on their shape and the materials used to make them.

Bamboo Containers

Bamboo planters give you the appearance of refined nature, of containers made with meticulous care produced from some of the world's most beautiful plants. When it comes to a container for your artificial front door plants, bamboo containers fit neatly between modern elegance and traditional hand-crafted materials.

Cement Containers

If you want a more traditional, earthy appearance, then cement containers are the way to go. Your small porch decorating ideas can marry the aesthetic beauty of fake front porch plants made with high-quality silk and classic stoneware to create a beautiful, elegant look.


Order Artificial Plants for Your Front Porch From Silks Are Forever

If you're looking for simple small front porch decor, order from Silks Are Forever. Our high-quality artificial plants are designed to look just like the real thing, and they require no watering or pruning, making them the perfect low-maintenance decoration. Browse our selection of artificial front door plants today and find the perfect trees, wreaths, and flowers to enhance the beauty of your home's exterior. Place your order now and enjoy the beauty of artificial plants on your front porch for years to come.

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