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Silk & Artificial Orchids

Our silk orchid stem collection will prove to be just as realistic, breathtaking and romantic as the most expensive flower stems you can buy. Using these artificial orchids, you can create your own silk flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, bridal flowers or head table centerpieces for a gorgeous event. Our authentic styled faux orchid sprays are sure to please - for a lifetime!

Types of Fake Orchids

Orchids offer exotic beauty not often found in houseplants, but this beauty can come with a hefty price tag followed by disappointment when it eventually begins to wilt. Silks Are Forever permanently captures the allure of the finest species of orchids in our silk orchid stems. Varieties we carry include:

Dendrobium Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid

Vanda Orchid

Cattleya Orchid

Swan Orchid

And more!

Can't choose just one? We carry

orchid arrangements
to help put your favorites on display. Choose a

glass vase orchid arrangement
for an extra touch of class!

5 Ways to Use Silk Orchid Stems

Add them to existing decor or arrangements to brighten them up with pops of color.

Place a faux orchid in a classy vase to increase the elegance of any room
- without the trouble of watering!

Create a wedding bouquet of artificial orchids that can be kept as a cherished keepsake forever.

Create a silk orchid arrangement to wow your loved one on Valentine's day or your anniversary.

Save money while still capturing the exotic beauty of orchids throughout your entire home!

Are Your Silk Orchid Stems Really Made of Silk?

"Silk" is an industry term to describe the synthetic materials used to create artificial orchids. Such materials include polyester, nylon, PVC, latex and rubber, among others. When used together, they're incredibly effective at capturing all the lifelike details that make real plants so beautiful!