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Artificial Daisies

Our artificial gerbera daisy silk flower stems will prove to be just as realistic, romantic and breathtakingly gorgeous as the most expensive live stems you can buy. Our high-quality fake daisies can be bought in bulk or one at a time to create silk flower arrangements that are totally unique. These authentically styled artificial daisies are sure to please, and to give you a beautiful arrangement you can cherish for a lifetime. View all our artificial gerbera daisies below.

Arrangements Using Artificial Daisies

Daisies are some of the most beautiful and versatile flowers, so taking advantage of fake daisies is a quick and easy way to create a gorgeous arrangement. Our artificial gerbera daisy sprays can be used for a breadth of arrangements, including:

Wedding bouquets

Bridal flowers

Head table centerpieces

Mixed centerpieces
at business events and ceremonies

Romantic bouquets in vases
that last a lifetime!

Artificial Gerbera Daisy FAQs

Have other questions about our fake daisies? Learn more about how to use, care for and display these gorgeous

silk flowers
in the answers below.

What are the Most Popular Colors for Artificial Daisies?

At Silks Are Forever, we use high-quality materials to capture the beauty of daisies at the most lifelike level of detail possible — and that includes their vibrant colors and patterns! Some of the most popular artificial gerbera daisy colors in our selection are:

Beauty (a bright, deep pink)




Hot Pink

Are Your Artificial Daisies Really Made Out of Silk?

No — silk is an industry term used to describe the synthetic materials that modern artificial daisies (and other flowers and plants) are made of. While
silk plants and flowers were once made with real silk, today they're made of polyester, nylon, PVC and other materials that allow us to capture the beauty of life in minute detail.

What are My Ordering Options for Artificial Daisies?

Our artificial gerbera daisy sprays are available for purchase in bulk or as single stems. We make it affordable and convenient to choose fake daisies for large arrangements or small pops of color to liven up a room!