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Artificial Christmas Candle Rings

The warm glow of a candle is a quintessential aspect of the holiday season. Enhance that coziness with Christmas candle rings from Silks Are Forever. We carry a wide range of holiday candle rings in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. For a burst of color, try our pine candle rings, velvet poinsettia candle ring holders or holiday candle wreaths. Looking for something a little more neutral? Our soft cedar artificial candle ring holder will accentuate any décor. Browse our online selection of candle rings. Christmas isn’t the same without them.

More Than Christmas Candle Rings: Ideas for Holiday Decor

In addition to the perfect Christmas candle ring, Silks Are Forever has many more options to add lasting cheer to your holiday decor, such as

Christmas flower arrangements



holiday plants and trees
. Just the right decoration or accent can make a huge difference and truly enhance the holiday spirit of your home. Try some of these popular ideas:

Christmas trees

Artificial snowflake wood confetti

Fake Christmas poinsettia bushes

Christmas holly stems and other stemmed flowers

FAQs for Artificial Christmas Candle Rings

Overwhelmed by our selection of faux holiday candle rings and holiday candle wreaths? Read answers to some commonly asked questions about these products, other decor options and silk flowers in general below.

How Long Will My Christmas Candle Ring Last?

Our holiday candle rings are based on live flowers — they look like the real thing, but you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. They won’t require any watering or extra maintenance to keep their authentic beauty. But a little care for your holly candle rings or holiday candle wreaths will go a long way toward making them truly last forever. Unless otherwise noted, your Christmas candle rings should be kept indoors and away from areas that get a lot of exposure to direct sunlight. A light dusting every so often will ensure that your Christmas candle ring will make your holidays bright time and time again.

Are Silk Flowers Available for Other Holidays as Well?

For sure! Silks Are Forever has festive decor you can display all year long. Whether it’s gorgeous

spring silk flower arrangements

fall bridal bouquets
or something spooky from our

Halloween home decor collection
, you’ll find a piece to liven up your life even after you put away your Christmas candle rings for the season.

Are Your Silk Holiday Candle Rings Really Made of Silk?

No, they are not. Silk is simply a term we use in the industry to describe the synthetic materials used to create modern artificial floral arrangements. Historically, real silk was used to simulate artificial plants and flowers, but today’s silk flowers are made from more affordable materials that capture the beauty of real plants with the same lifelike detail.