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Silk Allium Flowers

Our silk allium flowers will prove that they are just as realistic, breathtakingly gorgeous and romantic as the most expensive flower stems you can buy. You can use our silk alliums to create your very own silk flower arrangements, wedding bouquets or even beautiful floral centerpieces for a special occasion or everyday display. These authentically-styled silk allium flowers are sure to please for a lifetime. View all of our silk allium sprays below!

Our Most Popular Silk Allium Flowers

There's no doubt that all of the silk alliums in our selection have their own unique beauty, but the styles and colors listed below are some of the most popular we have to offer:

Lavender (31")

2-Tone Purple Silk Berry Flower Spray (29")

Light Green (21")

2-Tone Blue Silk Allium Bud (24")

Mauve (21.5")

Silk Allium Flowers FAQ

Have questions about our silk alliums? Find the answers here to make your choice that much easier!

Are Your Silk Allium Flowers Really Made of Silk?

"Silk" is actually just a standard industry term. It describes any
artificial plant or flower, no matter what it's made of. Most of the

silk flowers
and plants in our selection are made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and rubber — anything that allows us to capture as much lifelike detail as possible for a beautiful result that can be cherished forever.

What Can I Do With Silk Allium Stems and Sprays?

That part's easy! Silk alliums don't require any special watering or pruning to look amazing. Just place them in your display and you're all done! We recommend keeping them away from areas where they'll be in direct sunlight, since UV exposure will fade their colors over time. They should also be kept inside or in an enclosed area where they won't be exposed to weather. Aside from that, you don't have to do a thing to enjoy their beauty for a lifetime!